1 Month Pack for Medium Dogs (14.36kg)

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1 Month Pack for Medium Dogs (14.36kg)


An easy way to order a variety of complete raw dog food that is approximately a month supply for a medium dog. Our dog food mixer box gives your dog the chance to try a large variety of proteins from various suppliers. Products can vary depending on availablility.

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4x DAF Beef Dinner 500g, 2x Cotswold Turkey 1kg, 4x Nutriment Chicken 500g, 2x Henley Pork & Chicken 1kg, 2x Henley Meat, Heart, Lungs 1kg, 2x DAF Meaty Mince 454g, 1x Duck Mince 454g, 1x RMS White Fish & Chicken 500g, 1x Nurture Them Naturally Duck & Beef 500g, 2x Betsy’s Chicken & Tripe 1kg